Holiday Kaleidoscope

December 7-10 2017

Beneficent Congregational Church, Providence RI

All around, and up and down, and somewhere in between, is a sky of dancing rainbows with shades of red and green. Each song is a flowing river, each stone a wishing star. Our kaleidoscope will take us all to places near and far…

Our concert theme this season is a kaleidoscope. By definition, a kaleidoscope is a tube that has mirrors and loose pieces of colored glass inside at one end so that you see many different patterns when you turn the tube while looking inside. In other words, it is a mixture of many different things that creates an ever-changing whole. That is a perfect metaphor for what the PGMC is: we are a mixture of many different men (and women) that, together, create a beautiful, fun, and entertaining musical experience.