President, Michael Abdallah

Michael Abdallah is leading RIGMC into a new era of vitality, membership diversity, expanded outreach, increased performance opportunities, and visibility in our thriving community.

Although he wouldn't be caught boasting about it,
Michael has an expansive background in keeping organizations afloat financially and to attract and maintain members.

Michael lives his role as President of RIGMC by not only being a leader ready to make sure the needs of the Chorus are met, that the organization is set for a prosperous future and that we all rise to our highest selves, but as a really good human being.

Vice-President, Frank Cerilli

Frank brings more than a background in Human Resources
and an unparalleled breadth with the issues not-for-profit organizations face to our RIGMC table.

He has a way of reaching out to people so both they and their concerns are heard and understood.

Whether he is reviewing the Bylaws, adding in new updates to the Membership packet or weighing in on how to best steer RIGMC to the future it is designing, Frank shows up with ideas and strategies informed by what he hears the Chorus desires.,

Treasurer, Miguel Bray

Miguel is not only great with numbers and knowing a budget inside and out, but he understands what is needed to fiscally manage a not-for-profit organization.

Leveraging his years juggling all of the positions in a theater company - from onstage to back of stage to running the house, Miguel brings an unparalleled breadth or fiscal knowledge to RIGMC.

Secretary, Chris Verleger

Chris has a gift for paying attention to detail, keeping track of many conversations happening simultaneously and
jotting them all down.

Perhaps that is because he not only works at a University in the Theater Department and has been instrumental in the behind-the-scenes operations of more than one theater troupe. Or maybe he is naturally gifted in sorting out what's important.

Whatever is the cause, Chris keeps us on track and archivally ready as he performs the duties of Secretary for RIGMC.

Member At Large, Steve Pacheco

Steve has a gift for production and the talent to get others involved. He is on the Chorus' Production Development Team and is instrumental in helping guide the production aspects - from lighting to risers and all things in-between.

Steve isn't new to what's need to get a production performance ready. He has been involved in many aspects of the theater from lighting, set and costume design to directing and performing.

"Becoming a part of the RIGMC family is one of the most rewarding endeavors I have had the pleasure to be a part of." Steve shared.

Steve, along with John Hickey, help Chorus members feel at home, bring their insights and suggestions to the Board, and are a sounding board for creating the most enjoyable rehearsal and performance experience possible.

And Steve is also a singing member in the Chorus ... so he's always in tune with what's going on!

Member At Large, John Hickey

John Hickey has his ear to the pulse of the Chorus ...
and with it, he has perfect pitch.

John helps act as a liaison between Chorus members and the Board and as such, shares their concerns, insights and requests so that the needs of every member of the Chorus can be heard.

He, along with Steve Pacheco, take seriously their ability to be a resource for those in the Chorus - whether to match a Chorus member with a mentor, help them navigate rehearsals or just provide a friendly ear.

Community Member, Jenn Duehring

Jenn Duehring brings years of insight, strategies and know-how from years of working as a project manager and relationship manager at a large financial services company.

She also knows how to build community.

Focused on building relationships and community within the Chorus and with our audience members, volunteers and donors, Jenn has super-power strengths in bringing people together.

More than that, she knows exactly what touch needs to be added to help everyone see how important they are in the vision we have here at RIGMC for a kinder, more inclusive, musical future.

Oh ... and she was also instrumental in working with Karin to secure a really key Rhode Island grant for us.

Community Member, Karin Olson

Karin Olson has an expertise in a number of areas within marketing, system building and data.

She is leveraging these skills for the benefit of RIGMC to help us steadily improve our visibility (including this upgraded website),
expand our reach, add automations so we can build community more effectively, and improve the way we connect online.

She has created several of our social media campaigns, boosted our presence through press, is crafting a system
for email outreach and has been instrumental in our receiving a prized Rhode Island grant.
These are all aimed at helping you stay in the loop on what we're up to and what's on our horizon.

She'll also be adding in some additional campaigns, automations and outreach so we can serve
our audience and members more effectively as well as ways to engage with potential sponsors and donors.

And that's just the beginning ... so make sure to watch for that as we continue to expand where and how we are seen.

Want to 'stay in the loop' on what we're up to?

RIGMC is a gathering of individuals who, united through diversity, fellowship, and song,
strives to make a difference in the lives of our singers and our audience.

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